6 Social Media Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Brand

We’re in a time where everything is about image, branding, and marketing. Here are 6 mistakes that may be hurting your brand!

6 Things To Remember Before A Networking Event

We’ve all heard the proverb; it’s not what you know but who you know. Meaning, sometimes to land that job, contact, contract, client, etc it is your connections and network that makes it happen, sometimes outshining your skills and abilities along the way. A great way to build and enhance your professional connections is to attend networking events.

[Intern Queen] 9 Social Media Blunders Young Professionals Make

Ever get bored, annoyed or frustrated at work and you tweet or Facebook your feelings about the job while you’re on the job? According to internship and career guru, Lauren Berger aka “The Intern Queen”, that is a big mistake! Berger discusses with me 9 social media mistakes young professionals make in the first few years of their careers.

Intern Queen Talks Everything Internships

After doing 15 internships during college, with companies like MTV, FOX and NBC, Lauren Berger branded herself and created a business. A graduate from the University of Central Florida, Berger is now CEO and founder of Intern Queen, Inc and now a published author. Her first book, “All Work, No Pay” is an intern’s guide to everything internships, from finding an internship to building your resume, to making connections and gaining job experience. Berger talks about why she started interning, life in LA and her slight obsession with the Kardashians!