[Intern Queen] 9 Social Media Blunders Young Professionals Make

Intern Queen

Ever get bored, annoyed or frustrated at work and you tweet or Facebook your feelings about the job while you’re on the job? According to internship and career guru, Lauren Berger aka “The Intern Queen”, that is a big mistake! Berger discusses with me 9 social media mistakes young professionals make in the first few years of their careers.

Talking About How You’re Feeling On The Job.

I’m tired or bored at work.

Talking About What’s Happening At Work.

“I saw Tom Cruise in the hallway today.” You don’t know why Tom Cruise was there, the context of the conversation and if it’s public information. Some companies may have you sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

Complaining About Your Boss Online.

Social media is not the place for you to gossip online. It’s important to remember you have 700 friends on Facebook and not just one. If you want to complain about someone, call your best friend and don’t post it on Facebook.

Posting An Inappropriate Profile Picture.

Any pictures of alcohol, you in your bikini or nightlife pictures of you drunk or wasted, is not OK!

Friending Your Boss.

Unless your boss sends you a friend request, don’t be Facebook friends. Don’t cross personal and professional boundaries. Be friends with your boss on a professional network like LinkedIn. Follow them on Twitter, which is a more public place to connect.

Instagramming At Work.

The only time it’s acceptable is if you’re instructed to or if you’re on lunch break.

Calling In Sick and Posting Vacation Photos.

It’s not a good idea to call in sick and post photos of you on vacation.

Friends “Iffy” Posts On Your Feed.

If there is a chance someone can interpret something the wrong way, don’t put it on your profile.

An Incomplete LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn is the only place where the one-page resume doesn’t apply. You can put a ton of relevant work experience so make sure you fully fill out your profile. Many people get letters of recommendation but they should also get LinkedIn endorsements.


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Berger’s recently released sophomore book, “Welcome To The Real World” guides the recent grad and young professional in their first few years in the workforce, offering a variety of advice, lists and personal stories to guide the next chapter in their lives, from maximizing on the job performance, relationships at work and becoming financially savvy.

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