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Jamaica's New E-Passport Thumbnail

What Jamaica’s New E-Passport Means For You

Last month Jamaica’s PICA announced the roll out of a new ePassport. Here’s what you need to know.

Prince Markie Dee in 103.5 The Beat studio

Getting To Know Prince Markie Dee of The Trio Hip-Hop Group, The Fat Boys

During my time in community college I wrote for my college newspaper while interning at 103.5 The Beat Miami. During my time at the radio station, I asked Prince Markie Dee of the legendary trio hip-hop group The Fat Boys for an interview for my college newspaper, The Observer. At that time he was an on air personality. Rest easy PMD.

How I Became A Jamaican Citizen

My Road To Dual Citizenship (How I Became A Jamaican Citizen)

I detail in this video my road to becoming a dual citizen. I share the hiccups and high’s along the way to officially and legally becoming Jamaican-American.

How To Become A Jamaican Citizen

How To Become A Jamaican Citizen By Descent

If you know in your heart of hearts you’re Jamaican, but it’s not legal, here is your chance to officially become a citizen!

I break down and answer common questions on the benefits, requirements and the how to all from first-hand experience.