Ashley Moncrieffe graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a certificate in Leadership Studies. She enjoys dipping her hand in event marketing & production, digital branding, media relations, and interviewing a variety of people for her blogfolio. As a Libra with an eclectic & sassy personality, coupled with a vivacious & infectious laugh, mixed with a sassy Jamaican background—she is sure to leave an unforgettable impression on those she meets!

AshFiMon Presents/The LinkUp With AshFiMon is a digital portfolio that was birthed by Ashley Moncrieffe shortly after she graduated college. After realizing her editorial internships were over, no longer having a platform to publish her work, and still wanting to interview, TLWA was created to house a virtual space where she can still conduct and publish a series of curated freelance interviews and serve as an overall portfolio for some of her work. Interviews range from actresses to digipreneurs, bestselling authors to TV personalities and so much more! Besides profile interviews, TLWA showcases her celebrity photo ops along with quote(s) of the month.

AshFiMon’s Jamaican Citizenship (By Descent) Grant Giveaway was incepted in 2021 and is an annual philanthropic initiative created and executed by ASHFIMON that targets 18-40-year-olds living in the United States of Jamaican descent. After realizing there is a hyper-niche community of like-minded individuals that are interested in connecting and reconnecting with their roots, in 2020, I collated my experience into a limited mini-series on how to apply for an assortment of Jamaican-based documents. Since then, not only am I an informational resource, but through my philanthropic efforts, I sponsor the Jamaican citizenship application fee for the selected grant recipient.


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