Where are you from?

I am a proud Jamaican-American from Miami, FL.

What does AshFiMon mean?

If you have ever heard or seen my first and last name I think it is pretty obvious. But enough of my sassy response — AshFiMon is a shortened version of my full name. And no, I’m not disclosing my middle name. Not because I don’t like it…but because everything just does not need to be shared.

What is your zodiac sign?

I’m a Libra, October 10th, talk about balance! Please do not tip my scales ;).

You meet a lot of people, how were you so lucky?

Well I have been very blessed to be in certain positions/rooms to get the opportunity to engage with some of these folks over the years. Some for work [event production, media, etc], some for play [general invites/interests] and some for those in between moments.

Did your identity really get mixed up with Capleton’s rape case?

Unfortunately, yes. What you read or watched [on my site] is all true. My super old photo from college was used with some very telling headlines insinuating some things. No worries though, it is all cleared up now. But talk about an initial shocker!

Who designed your website?

I did! I use WordPress and chose a theme that best suits what I was looking for and took it from there to personalize it and make it my own.

Did you design your logo(s) too?

No. I knew exactly how I wanted them to look and needed someone to execute. I used a Graphic Designer by the name of Yanique DaCosta of YKMD Visual Communications.

Do you get assistance to help run your site?

Aside from Courtney who copy edits my exclusive Q&A interviews and tech support from WordPress or GoDaddy when I have a question…nope. It is a one woman show. Court makes sure my interviews are grammar free before I publish the link [credit to her can be seen at the end of each interview]. However, when I need help that’s out of my direct control, I will definitely seek assistance.

What is the best way to reach you?

You can follow me on social, online everywhere @AshFiMon! For inquiries you can email me directly at: thelinkupwithashfimon@gmail.com.