Falen G of Bad Girls Club 9 Mexico Talks Dying and Coming Back To Life

Falen G

Bad Girls Club on Oxygen is back with an all new season and an all new cast. Bad Girl Falen talks about her East African background, prior job as a substitute teacher and her thoughts on living in Mexico!

What’s the background of your name, Falen?

I’m Eritrean and ¼ Italian. Eritrean is in East Africa at the tip of the Red Sea; we are under Egypt and beside Ethiopia, Dubai, Yemen and Somalia. We are a small Roman Catholic and Muslim country; it is split in between, half and half. We finally got our independence in the 90s. The thing about Eritreans we don’t give up, we might be small but don’t f**k with us.

You’re from the DMV area. What is it like?

It can get crazy and boring. Just your typical DC night life. There’s always something to do. Night life is always poppin’. There are a billion lounges and clubs. What’s not to love?

What were you doing before the Bad Girls Club?

I was a 5th grade substitute teacher believe it or not! I thought I would never work with kids especially since I don’t have any. The type of love that they have for me is really weird but it was a cool thing to do. I would love to change the world for the kids and to have them grow up and do something different and not get caught up in the craziness that I’ve been caught up in. I also used to model for magazines, did a book cover and a small amount of music videos. It’s like I lived a double life, a party socialite at night and corporate in the morning.

Do you have a limit when it comes to modeling?

Not really. I try to keep as classy as I can. I haven’t done full nude photography; I’ve done partial nude and body art paint. It all depends on what it is, but I don’t have any limitations. I could care less what people think.

Describe your style?

I try to throw in a little old and new school. A mix of the future with pin up. I love pin up. Edgy. Hardcore. Classic. Versatile. I like to mix and match my things and create my own style.

What pushes you to the limit?

I have a short temper, but I’ve learned to control it. I’m grown and I don’t have time for the childish games. It takes a lot for me to get angry and to get to that point. But once it’s there, you’re in my face at the wrong time, with a bad attitude and I’m having a bad day I will probably pop off and blow up. When I get angry I get to the point where I don’t see or hear anybody and will go into attack mode. Be on my good side, that’s all.

How did you hear about casting?

My uncle had a casting call at his club and my cousin showed one of the directors my picture and they were like “she needs to come”. I wasn’t going to come at first, but I came and was like “what is it that I have to do”. They gave me the information and it was weird when they liked me. They loved my style, the spunk and my personality. I didn’t have anything else to do. I figured I’ll experience something else, another endeavor in my life. It will either make me or break me and I will make sure it makes me before it breaks me.

What was the process like for you leading up to being an official cast mate of the show?

They want to know about your whole life. Your past, present and future. Paperwork after paperwork. Background checks. It’s like having a job.

What is your definition of a Bad Girl?

It is such a typical question and girls will answer it thinking you have to be bad ass and fight. Umm no sorry that isn’t what it is. A bad girl is you, who you are, what you are and how you present yourself to other people. There are other ways that people are bad depending on the situation and environment you’re in besides being in fights, locked up, etc. You have to have a strong backbone, which is what makes you a bad girl.

What types of hardships did you face that makes you bad?

Well I f***ing died. I died before and I got brought back. I’ve been in near death experiences; I’ve been in a coma. Being able to cheat death and still be here with a positive attitude now that is bad ass. A lot of people won’t be able to go through s**t like that, the way I did with a strong backbone. They’ll be weak and depressed and that is not me. Life is too short to be down in the dumps.

Because of your experience, is there a motto you live by?

Live for today. Experience it. Do it. Chase you dreams. Do what you want to do. If you work hard and you have dedication you will go for it. Carpe Diem.

What was your game plan upon entering the show?

My friends told me I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I couldn’t care less. I really didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the house. I was going in with the mentality that you either love me or you hate me. But then I watched the show from previous seasons and I’m like ‘these b****es are crazy’ and my friends were like ‘you’re crazy!’ But I walked in having no expectations and having my guard up. I’m a very cool, calm and collected person but I’m a Gemini and we can get kinda’ crazy. I thought it was all about fighting and it was a complete spin on my half, I was shocked.

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Bad Girls Club takes a full season to Mexico! What was your reaction to the city?

It was a different experience, pesos, meeting people, the way they’re dressed. It was hot during the day, cold at night and never rained, except once. Mexico is dry; it has cactus’s, mountains and palm trees. I was like ‘what the hell?’  I’ve seen the drug cartels around. I’ve seen officers with their mass guns. They made it seem Mexico is a really scary place, but I’m not scared of anything. Whatever position I’m placed in I’m going to go with it and keep it moving, you should never be afraid of anything. I didn’t know what to expect in Mexico. I spoke a little bit of Spanish just to get by. When I walked in the house it was a different experience, I will never forget it. I can’t say much but it’s a beautiful and historical place, but I wouldn’t stay for an extended period of time, but I would definitely go back and visit.

Did you have any roommate expectations?

I had no idea who the girls were until I walked in. It’s like expecting the unexpected. Only thing on my mind was to keep my guard up because I didn’t want to let anyone in. I didn’t know what to expect.

How did your family and friends feel about the show and you going on it?

My parents know they can’t really tell me anything, either way they’ll have to go with it. Some of my guy friends told me not to go because they’re not going to be there to protect me.

How did you feel about putting your business out there?

I used to be real private, but now I really don’t care. At the end of the day I don’t care what people think about me and what I do. I do not have to prove myself to anybody especially if they ain’t nobody or God.

What did you expect to gain by going on the show?

I did it because I was bored and I wanted to try something different. But, honestly I wanted to use this as a stepping stone to get into styling, making a brand for myself and to do more than model.

Do you feel you have high expectations to fill with this being a new season or with past bad girls?

Absolutely not. I don’t care about anybody else but myself. My expectations aren’t trying to be better than the last girl or do much more scheming than the next; I’m going to be me. The public and the fans will like me or not. If you have love for me, I’m with you all the way, if not; I’m going to ignore you. Ain’t no in-between time in the meantime.

Do you feel the other girls jazzed things up for TV?

Of course some of them try to outdo the last girl or last season. I’ve never really watched the show, I’ve only heard about it so I didn’t know who to outdo or compare myself to. I’m Falen G, end of story.

What types of attention have you gotten now that people or fans know you’ll be on the new season?

My twitter has been blowing up. I’ve been getting a lot of love from fans and supporters who are down with me, but I’ve gotten a lot of hate too. At the end of the day keep coming, any hate or love, bring it all to me and I’ll retweet the s**t out of it.  It’s weird, I was walking recently and these middle school girls came up to me and asked me if I was Falen from the BGC and they screamed, gave me a hug and took a picture. It was cute but I had almost forgotten for a second that I’m on the show. I was wondering what they were doing watching the show.

What can your fans look forward to for this upcoming season?

I am crazy, wild and love to party. I love life. My fans will see my style and the way I perceive myself. They will meet me, Falen G from DC.

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BGC Mexico premiers July 9th at 10p EST on Oxygen.

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