Bostonian Native Julie, of Bad Girls Club 9 Mexico Talks Being Adopted

Julie OfCharsky

Julie Ofcharsky of Bad Girls Club 9 Mexico is more than the nice girl everyone thinks she is. Though a college graduate and certified make-up artist, Julie talks with me about dealing with a drug addicted mom, what it was like being a contestant on American Idol and her experience on the Bad Girls Club.

What is living in Boston like?

It’s fast paced. People are in your face, and say whatever they feel. It doesn’t go over well with people from other parts of the country, I love it here. It’s kind of like a New York mentality a little bit.

So are you an in your face kind of person as you just described?

I definitely have no problem saying what I feel to people. If I don’t like you, you will know. If I like you, you will know that I love you. Where I’m from people don’t take offense to that. If I go up to somebody in Boston, they’ll be like ‘alright, I won’t f**k with you.’ I notice when I was living in the house, if I told someone I don’t like them, they’ll think I’m trying to start s**t with them and it’s not even like that. I just want people to always know where I stand. I just like to take the guessing out of it. Hahaha.

What is the best pick up line you’ve ever heard to get your attention?

I have a good one. It’s wicked cheesy and I told the guy I’ll give him a high five for having the best pickup line and then he needs to go. I was singing at karaoke and my first and last name is Julie Ofcharsky. Some cornball comes up to me and says ‘Julie Ofcharsky, more like Julie Off-The-Charksy’. I was like ‘Ok that was clever and now you need to leave’.

In one of the sneak peeks for the new season, you, Falen and Mehgan were sitting outside when you went out. You mentioned you didn’t like Christina, and she came around and you told her you didn’t like her. What was going on in that scene?

It wasn’t even that I told her I didn’t like her; it was more so I thought she was fake. They didn’t show it in the sneak peek why I thought she was fake. But she took it like I was trying to start s**t with her, when I wasn’t. I was just letting her know how I feel so she doesn’t think that I f**k with her when I don’t. I’m not a s**t talker. If I say something behind your back I feel like it’s only right that I say it to your face.

I was on the blogs, and it says that you’re adopted or biracial. Can you clear that up please?

I am adopted by my aunt and uncle. I’m Armenian and I don’t know my other half since I don’t know who my biological father is. I was raised half Armenian and half Polish, my adopted father is polished. My name before I was adopted was a total stripper name, Roxanne Richardson. I am really cool with my adopted family, they are extremely supportive. My whole family is really conservative and I’m the black sheep of the family. They know I can do some really ridiculous things; they’re never surprised by anything I do at this point.

What were their reactions when you told them you were going on the show?

My friends were pushing me to do it and told me I would be perfect for the show. My parents were very wary of the decision.

Did you parents know about the show prior to you leaving or did you have to tell them about it?

They knew about the whole thing. They were nervous about me going on the show and possibly fighting because I’ve gotten into legal trouble in the past for fighting. They told me to make sure I had a level of self control because they didn’t want me to go to Mexican jail. They know once you get me going there is no stopping me.

So would you say you’re a fighter then?

I really am not a fighter to be honest. I don’t like to fight and I don’t look for them. But because I’m someone who says what I have to say, I hold grudges and I’m seriously loyal which gets me into a lot of fights. If you’re someone I really care about I will be the one jumping in and fight for you. If you say something I don’t like I won’t hit you. But I do think people start with me because of the things that come out of my mouth. Maybe I get involved in things that really have nothing to do with me. Haha. I’m definitely unpredictable; you’ll never know what will come out of my mouth.

In the previews, you mentioned the hot mess express. Was the house divided quickly?

I think the house did swerve quickly as well as the separation. There were a lot of cliques moving around, which you’ll see. But certain people stayed loyal to each other the whole time.

What makes you different from all the other bad girls even from past seasons?

I am a planner and a plotter. If I feel like I don’t like you, you will know. But, you won’t know what I’m scheming up behind the scenes. The difference with me is that my schemes and plans actually work. I’ve seen people try to scheme and it bit them on the ass. I know when to pick my battles, I know who to stay loyal to, and I know who not to f**k with. I have eyes in the back of my head, you can think you pulling one over on me but you’re not. What makes me different is that I’m a little more intuitive and aware. I play the whole thing like a game.

What types of adversity did you face in the past that you think would consider you a bad girl?

I think everything as a combination has made me who I am. People think because I’m from a nice family and come from a nice town that I haven’t gone through s**t. My biological mom is a drug addict and a looser. I saw her twice a year until I turned 18 and then I told her I don’t want to see her anymore. She’s unpredictable and in and out of my life. I don’t my biological dad. I had a boyfriend on and off in high school for seven years who was a severe drug addict, which was horrible. I’ve gone through a lot of experience with people and my relationships. I think that made me very intuitive and a good judge of character.

Did you watch the show in the past and do you feel you have high expectations with the new season?

I watched the show here and there, but was a fan of the show. I think every cast is different and they promote every show differently. I don’t really have expectations since you never know how they will edit it, how they’ll make you and other people look like. I’m just along for the ride and will wait to see what happens.

What do you expect to gain by going on the show?

I’m the type of person to take any opportunity that is thrown at me.  I sent the email to audition one night with my friend as a joke. I got the email back, went to the casting call. It was one of those things that the opportunity came and I took it. I feel you can gain something out of every opportunity. I do sing, but I didn’t go on the show to promote it. You would think that maybe I can use it as a platform to get my face out there, yes. But, I don’t know what will come out of this experience. I’m just taking it one day at a time.

What was the process like for you leading up to being on the show?

It was extensive. It was over a few months. I’ll say this; they get the time to really get to know you. They make sure you’re not faking it. I definitely think everyone who was on the show was on it for a reason and there was no way you can bull s**t it and get away with it. They’ll know by the end of the process, if that’s how you are.

Do you think there is a real definition of a bad girl, if so what is it?

I don’t think there is one set definition since everyone sees it differently. In my opinion, a bad girl is somebody who stands her ground, won’t take s**t from everyone, who’s not afraid and not afraid to be who she is, to be honest and to not fit into the ‘norm’. For some people it’s whichever girl is the loudest or who parties the hardest.

You mentioned prior, that you were a fan of the show. Did you watch the show from season 1-3?

I watched from season one with Ripsi, she’s from Boston and Armenian just like me, I have to love her and I watched some of Tanisha’s season.

From the early seasons, notice how the dynamic has changed. They were quick to send someone home for fighting and it seemed like they wanted the girls to change. Do you feel the initial premise of the show has changed?

I completely agree with you 100%. We actually discussed this in the house. I feel like when the show started it was about changing for the better. I almost feel that the show has evolved into glorifying bad behavior which is unfortunate. But I do feel a few of us has taken it as a learning experience regardless of that. I do feel the whole idea behind it has changed.

Did you have a ‘character’ you wanted to portray on the show?

I went in and felt it out and was myself. The first few weeks I was a little off and not displaying my full personality because I didn’t know anyone yet. In general I wasn’t forcing it, wasn’t playing a character and I wasn’t forcing it. I was just myself.

In you bio it says you were on American Idol. How was that experience?

I tried out, made it through four rounds and got cut. Trying out for the show I was 18/19 and thought it was something I really wanted to do. When I was in the process of trying out, I realized it wasn’t for me. It’s very forced and want you to act like a ‘girl scout’ since it’s a family oriented show and I couldn’t be more wary of that. I remember they did something really stupid and told us we couldn’t sing the song we were supposed to sing and emailed us right before auditions with a song list. I was like ‘what the f**k, why would you email this night before?’ I flipped out on the people and I think because I didn’t fit into the mold of what they promote that definitely affected how far I got on the show.

What brought you to the point of BGC9?

I sing in the area as a hobby. But, I am a makeup artist. I specialize in weddings, prom and special events. I love my job but I wanted to do something different and fun. My friends and I were out drunk one night and they told me to send the email and try out. I sent an email to Real World and Bad Girls Club and Bad Girls Club emailed me back. It was an on the wing thing.

Do you feel your roommates were ‘real’ on the show?

I think in the first two weeks some of them were playing a ‘character’. But to be honest, in that environment you can’t really keep that up for an extended period of time. By the second week everyone stripped down to who they are in real life. You can see from the day we walked in the house people’s persona came out.

BGC takes a full season to Mexico! What was your reaction to the city, house and roommates?

I’ve been to Mexico before and I loved it there. When I found out we were going there I was psyched. It’s like party, party, party all the time, we were on the beach. I’ve watched past seasons so I know the house would be beautiful. But our house was breath taking and on the beach which they never had before. As far as my roommates, when I initially meet people I like them right of the back because of course everyone is nice when you first meet them until the first few days where you form your opinion of them.

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What can your fans look forward too for this new season?

From the time I walked in to the house till the time that I left, I changed a lot for the better. I definitely took this as a learning experience which I don’t think not necessarily everyone did. But, I think my fans will see my development as a person and how I interact with people. I definitely made some big changes, 100%.

What types of attention have you gotten now that people or fans know you’ll be on the new season?

I just got twitter after the show and didn’t have one before. Someone told me the other day if they got a sex change they’ll ask the doctor to look like me. Weird s**t like that. I go out in Boston a lot and people will make fun of me. When you’re on a reality show you play yourself so I think fans form a different bond because they feel that they know you as a person. I think all of us will have fans who are die hard because it’s whoever people can relate too.

BGC9 premiers July 9th at 10p EST on Oxygen




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