Meet Miami Maverick MiMi of Bad Girls Club 8-Las Vegas

MiMi of BGC 8-Las Vegas, one of Oxygen’s most popular shows, talks her reactions to BGC, her first time being drunk and what we can expect from her for the rest of the season. Coming from the diverse 3-0-5, MiMi makes it no surprise that she is from Miami. Prior to starting BGC8, MiMi was in the corporate world and decided to take a leap of faith and go on the new season of BGC8-Las Vegas.

Love and Hip-HOP or Basketball Wives?

Oh Wow. I would have to say Love and Hip Hop.

Finish the statement: I’ve never_____________________________.

I’ve never cheated on a boyfriend.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I used to sit shot gun in drag races without a seatbelt. I think that was crazy because I could have died numerous times.

How old were you when you first got drunk?

I was 16 and it happened at a family party. I never clubbed or had fake IDs. But there were a couple spots in my old neighborhood where we could go and buy liquor and blunt wraps without an ID. But at that age, I just cared about having fun with my friends. I wasn’t worried about trying to get into clubs.

What is your definition of a bad girl?

I believe it is not necessarily what everybody thinks. I think it’s a mentality that you have and not really being a bad person, not letting people walk over you and voicing your opinions. Also as I said on the show and what I do in Miami is being out and about and partying without inhibition. But everyone has their different perspectives of what it means.

What makes you a bad girl?

I’m always partying and having a good time. I don’t let people walk all over me, however, I have sense and I am a rationale person. I just think I’m a girl that looks different from everybody else and I always had to battle those kinds of things and I had to grow a tough skin for that. But I’m still sensitive and a nice person.

Was this your first time trying out to BGC?

Yea.  This was my first time ever trying out for anything.

What was the process like leading up to BGC?

It was a really extensive time. I was never really happy till I knew I was coming to the house. It was really cool for me. I went out on a whim. They called me and said someone submitted stuff for me. I never had an agent or was in entertainment before. I was feeling pretty good about myself especially that a lot of girls have tried out for this before and never made it.

You mentioned that someone probably submitted your name to BGC.

Yeah it was very strange. I remembered it like yesterday. It was Memorial weekend in Miami and I was driving on the road and I got the call from casting and invited me to a casting call. I was like, ‘ok’ even though I don’t remember applying for anything and my friend was with me in the car and was like, ”You should go and just try it.” I went to try it to out and never really thought I would have gotten as far as I did.

Did you watch BGC prior to your season?

I did watch a couple seasons. My mom watched it and got freaked out. She was telling her friends at church to tune in. I was mentioning to my mom the other day that if I thought about it, I would go on the show previous seasons because now the initial premise of the show has changed. The past seasons helped women overcome their issues and now it’s like who is the most dramatic, drunk and crazy. The initial premise of the show matched more of my personality than what we had going on on my season.

Your mom started watching the show and started to tell others. What did you think about that?

I told my mom that if people fell upon the show then I couldn’t help that but, not for her to broadcast. Especially those people who respect my mom on a professional and spiritual level. Even for myself, I was in the corporate world before and I had my old employees from Best Buy and AT&T hittin’ me up. I used to raise them up and now they’re seeing me get my ass kicked on TV, it’s a bit weird. I’m really shy about people who know my family and are now watching it, even though it’s a little too late for that.

What were your initial reactions when you first walked in the house?

I thought that house was bangin’. I was really excited to live there. The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about was that we didn’t have doors; there were no doors to our bedroom. There were only doors to come in and out of the house. But otherwise that house was ‘sick’. Who wouldn’t want to be living in a mansion?

Is Vegas really what it seems like? Is the hype of it really there, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

Vegas is a crazy city. It is amazing. I’ll tell you this much, we were like the citizens of Las Vegas. What you see on TV is the strip, that one long street where everything is. We got to see what Vegas is really like.  It is pretty unremarkable outside the strip. It was so hot and it was the desert and I was itching to come back home, but you’ll see. I know it sounds contradicting with me coming from Miami, but it’s different.

So in the first episode, there was a scene where you were drawing on Amy’s picture. What exactly was going on between you and Amy during that scene?

To tell you the truth, I was intoxicated and I can’t really remember. I was frustrated with her and she was doing a lot of different things. I told her what I had to say and after that initial frustration I don’t know what possessed me to write on her picture. She was also intoxicated and maybe that’s why she went around pushing everyone. But, if you realized I was just doodling and I didn’t think that me being pushed was the proper reaction for me doodling on her picture.

Do you think that because the cameras were there and the other girls knew it was going to be on TV, that they tried to jazz things up?

You never really know and I can’t really say since I don’t know them like that. But, if this was something that was really important to them and concerned about making a ‘bad girl’ impression, they may have acted it up a little. But I can 100% honestly say that I never ever never acted out side of my genuine feelings at the time.

Also in the first episode you realized the Victor twins had Haitian background as well as yourself; did you think you were going to find others like you? What was your initial reaction?

That really caught me off guard. As you can see through that episode how excited I was that they were there. I thought we were going to relate to each other on so many different levels just being that small little part of us had that connection.

Do you think because of the common background between you and the Victor twins you guys will be friends in the house?

I honestly think that we would have to maintain a respect for one another. The way I judge and make my friends isn’t determined by any racial or cultural preference. I definitely love my Haitian people and always represent but I was more into getting to know everyone in a different kind of way. Whether we got along would be determined by our personalities and what was done to each other.

Are we going to see any love interests or hookups with you and any guys on the show?

I was trying to find someone to talk to, to distract me from everything going on, which it didn’t really work out for me. I’m not without action but I didn’t fall in love.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the season?

I know that I was 100% myself and I wanted to have fun. Innately, I’m not that much of a confrontational person, even though it sounds weird with me being on the show. I am a very even-tempered person and obviously my buttons get pushed but you’ll have to see what will happen.

How will your season be different from past seasons?

I definitely think our cast has a lot of different dynamics and cultures to it. If I can recall our season has a lot of everything. I do think it will be an emotional rollercoaster for the viewers.

Be sure to watch the Bad Girls Club 8-Las Vegas on Mondays at 10 p.m. on Oxygen.

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