My Road To Dual Citizenship (How I Became A Jamaican Citizen)

In this descriptive storytime video, I’m sharing my road to becoming a dual citizen! I walk you through my process of applying for my Jamaican citizenship (by descent) in Jamaica, including the highs and the hiccups along the way.

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Video Overview

A few years ago I applied for a lot of my paperwork in Jamaica. Since then I’d get inquiries from relatives and acquaintances about my process and what they needed to know before they applied as well. I figured if they had questions there are probably others out there in the Diaspora that also have similar questions. So I decided to collate all of my experience together so I can be of resource to you too! This video is the third video in my Jamaican How To web series where I shared my road to dual citizenship in a story-time video.

Video References

Passport, Immigration & Citizenship Agency [PICA]
25c Constant Spring Rd, Kingston, Jamaica
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Paul A. Graham​ Photos​
Shop 16, 23 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10
Ph: 876.754.9927
*located in the plaza next door to PICA Kingston

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