Bad Girls Club Mexico’s Mehgan Speaks Out On Being Obama’s Stepdaughter

Mehgan James

Mehgan, Texan native sets the record straight about being Obama’s stepdaughter, drama within the house and why she would never do Bad Girls Club again.

What was the process like for you leading up to BGC?

The process was very long. At one point I thought I didn’t make it because I wasn’t hearing from anybody. A word of advice: just because you don’t hear back from whomever your casting director is, it doesn’t mean you didn’t make it. It’s a long process to getting on the BGC because a million girls try out. So you have to think about every step they take with you they have to take that step with a million other people, which probably takes a long time.

Do you feel you have high expectations to fill, seeing that this show is now on season 9?

I watched prior seasons. It seemed like BGC was super fun. I don’t think I could relate to anyone on my cast. Me and Tiara (season 7) has been friends for years before BGC. I feel I could at least connect with one other girl from previous seasons. As far as girls from my season, I couldn’t relate to any of them and I felt that was another reason why no one really liked me in the house.

A lot of people want to know why you called yourself Obama step daughter.

First of all, its f**king reality TV let it go. That was shown from episode one. I’m a boss b***h and I should get presidential treatment. I feel like I’m the princess and the queen and I should be treated like royalty.

Many people say you resemble Char from season 6. What are your thoughts on that?

I do look like Char, we do have a resemblance. People act like Char was ugly, Char was a pretty girl. Her hair was always on point. I don’t feel like our personalities resemble, but we do look alike. It is what it is.

Why do you refer to yourself as Kim Kardashian Black sister?

I don’t idolize Kim, but of course I watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” I have a lot of their same ways. We are really prissy and I’ve dated a few athletes. I admire Kim’s hustle. She came from being a Ho, even though I don’t categorize myself as a Ho, but she built an empire off of nothing. So I feel like I’m capable of doing the same thing.

Sneak Of The Week: Mehgan Fights

In the first few episodes you and Rima fought. What was the issue between you and Rima and your other roommates?

Me and Rima never had any real beef, I felt like we just genuinely didn’t like each other. But Rima was the type of person to pick. If I don’t like someone I will stay out of their way and won’t talk to them. Rima wanted to be seen and heard and I’m not the type of person to let s**t slide. If you’re talking s**t about me to where I can hear, I will address you. There is a difference between not liking someone and being disrespectful and Rima is really disrespectful. That is why me and her didn’t get along. She was disrespectful about it and I wasn’t so I had to put her in her place.

Was there an issue between you and Andrea?

Andrea is the new girl and I just felt she was really ratchet and dirty. I feel at 27 you have no reason to be on BGC. This is not Bad Grown Women’s Club or Bad Cougars Club, bitch you’re 27, you have nothing going on, you’re dirty and your weave is not cute, it’s stiff. Get it together. At 27 you should have something under your belt, a few accomplishments or at least a degree under your name. I would hate to be her. I would not be doing BGC at 27. I feel like she’s still chasing her dreams. It’s either you got it or you don’t, and clearly you don’t have it. Let it go.

Who are you cool with now from your season? What is your relationship like now with your old roommates?

Me and Erika are really cool. I try to talk to her at least once a week or she’ll call me once a week to check up on me and see what’s going on. Me and Christina are okay. We talk if we get booked or have an event together. We don’t have any beef but she’s not somebody I call and talk to everyday. The rest of those girls, I could care less.

Would you say you’re judgmental?

I am very judgmental. But I’m a very good judge of character. I’m one of those people within the first 15minutes of meeting you, I’ll know if I like you or not. Real recognizes real.

You said on the show that because Erika was Black you and her have to be friends. Why is that?

I feel like those who are the same should have each other’s back. Falen and Rima were basically cool the whole season because they were both African. I felt me and Erika should be cool because we were both Black, it didn’t really work out like that, but we ended up being cool in the end.

Despite what others have being saying via social media, they do say you got hands.

I haven’t always been a fighter, but I’ve never been a scary person. I’m not afraid of nobody. I’m always the person to hit first. I don’t believe in letting people hit you first because they may hit you and it may be over for you. If I feel threatened I will hit first. I’ve never lost a fight. So I guess it just comes naturally.

On twitter there was word going around that you and Natalie Nunn had/have beef.  Is that true?

I didn’t have any beef with Natalie until she started talking s**t about me. I don’t know what her deal is; I think she’s a psycho. She found a picture of me and uploaded it to her Instagram, like who does that? It’s like saying Beyonce uploading a pic of Kim K. I feel like me and Natalie is on the same level. We were both on BGC, we are both out here trying to make a career for our self, and we both have degrees from college. Instead of down talking somebody why don’t you uplift? I’m a believer in if me and you are doing the same thing, I’ll do anything I can to help you. I’m not worried about her, she not talking about fighting. It took her two years to get verified on twitter and it took me one episode to get verified. In my opinion, it was like no other bad girl could compare to her because she’s verified and she’s done this and that. I feel like I’m the only real bad girl besides Tanisha that could compare to her. I’ve been on two reality shows, I have my blue check, and I talk s**t with ass. I feel like I’m a threat to her and she needs to let it go. Season 4 was like three years ago.

You are the first from your season to get verified on twitter, 3rd bad girl overall, people are claiming you paid to get verified.

I didn’t even know you can pay to get verified. I knew you can pay for followers, which I clearly didn’t do. I was in a hotel room on a booking and I was on my little twitter. A fan tweeted me and told me congrats on being verified and I didn’t even know, it was surprising to me. I can’t even tell you how I did it. I feel that people need to keep my f**king name out of their mouth.

How real is the show?

I would say 95% of the stuff is real. But producers put you into a situation where they’ll know you’ll fight or get agitated. They don’t tell you what to do. For instance, they knew me and Rima don’t like each other, so they’ll set up something for us to do alone.

How has your life changed thus far from being on the show?

I’m not really used to being spotted out in every city that I go to. No matter where I am at least one or two people will say “hey you’re Mehgan from BGC” or follow me in the bathroom. It’s kind of weird and cool at the same time. I don’t really categorize myself as a celebrity, maybe other people do but I still feel like a regular person. People like Kim Kardashsian I feel how they feel. You can’t even eat or pee without being in some sort of disguise and I don’t even feel like I’m on their level. It’s just crazy but it’s the life I chose.

Would you do BGC again?

Definitely not. Maybe if they let me have my cell phone. You don’t have any contact with the outside world besides the house phone. If I can get on the show where they did it like Basket Ball Wives or Love and Hip Hop where I can have my stuff, maybe. But if not, I wouldn’t do it again.

What was your overall experience of the show?

It was dumb. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. We are in fucking Mexico. I’m Black I don’t want to eat f**king tacos, there was no one to do my weave, and there were no Black people. There were white people there but they were rich and snobby.


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  1. she dont make sense. First she says she has good sense of character but made friends with Julie;s manipulative self and Falcon. Then she talks down Andrea so wrongly,like who gives u the right to validate who should go on the bad girls club. Look at Char and sarah for example -baddies and were in their late twenties on the show..

  2. You should be embarrassed of your life

  3. meghan deffinitely was hands down one of the baddest bad girls but i liked christina alot too but meghan u #1 u shoulda been on redemption not natalies ugly self

  4. I like magan I think she was the baddest bitch in the house I think magan should be on bad girls club agin

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