QOTM: Never Give Up

Never give up. Your breakthrough may be right around the corner.

Son Of Dr. King, Martin Luther King Jr III And I!

Reflecting on 6 year’s ago when I had the honor of meeting Dr. King’s son, Martin Luther King Jr III while attending USF!

QOTM: Start Now

Don’t wait for a new year, start now!

Formerly Known As Lady Saw, Gospel Artist Marion Hall And I!

Once known as the Queen of Dancehall, Grammy award winner and FORMERLY known as Lady Saw, Minister Marion Hall and I at her gospel album [When God Speaks] release meet and greet!

QOTM: Failure Is Not A Tattoo

It’s OKAY to fall and it’s natural to feel defeated but, don’t stay there…eventually you have to get back UP!

From Being Held At Gunpoint To Entrepreneurship, Stefan Grant, Founder Of Noirbnb Shares His Journey To Being Featured In Forbes

Gunpoint to Entrepreneurship? That’s what Co-Founder of Noirbnb, Stef Grant did after renting an Airbnb in Georgia that resulted in discrimination.

QOTM: Perspective

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Third World International Reggae Band, Cat Coore and I!

#MiamiCarnival love with Cat Coore of Third World International Reggae Band!

Pop Soca Artist, Julien Believe and I!

Bahamian Pop Soca Artist, Julien Believe and I at the Miami Broward Carnival Website Launch!

Reggae Artist, Sizzla Kalonji and I!

After 8 year’s, Sizzla Kalonji makes his debut back in Miami!

QOTM: Just Start Somewhere!

Start with what you have until you get what you need/want. Just START somewhere!

[I Ask Siri]: Susan Bennett Says She Had Mixed Feelings When She Found Out She Was The Voice Of Siri

With such an iconic voice she’s been on millions of Apple devices nationwide. You’ve asked her all sorts of questions while receiving some sassy responses in return. If you’ve never owned an iPhone, you probably have heard of her or used her on a friend’s device.

While you can ask Siri anything, I ask the original American voice of Siri, Susan Bennett, a slew of questions as she chats with me about how she landed her most famous project: Does she ever ask Siri and how has her life changed since revealing herself to the world.