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QOTM: Act Now!

We can never finish what we DON’T start. If there’s something you want to do that’s within reach, start now! Don’t wait for the new year.


QOTM: Act On Your Dreams

It’s good to dream but it’s more important to ACT on our dreams, goals and visions…whatever it may be. If not, our vision will never become a reality!

QOTM: Never Give Up

Never give up. Your breakthrough may be right around the corner.

QOTM: Start Now

Don’t wait for a new year, start now!

QOTM: Just Start Somewhere!

Start with what you have until you get what you need/want. Just START somewhere!

QOTM: Keep Going

Find a way. Keep going.

QOTM: Dreams Becomes Reality

When your dreams, aspirations, goals, etc becomes glimpses of possibilities.

QOTM: Change Is Happening

Change is inevitable. As we’re ending 2015, remember we don’t have to wait for a new year to make changes to our lives or work on short/long term goals. As long as we’re alive and well, everyday we’re given another chance/opportunity!

QOTM: Outlook

QOTM: Out Of Something Bad Comes Something Good.