Exclusive Interviews

Author, Vicky Oliver, Shares Tips for College Graduates

Vicky Oliver is the author of five best selling career development books. She shares some useful tips for college students, graduates and young professionals on navigating life after graduation.

Author Six Fernandez Talks Men, Women, Cheating and Relationships

A native of Spain, author Six Fernandez released her first book, The Official Women’s Guide on How a Man Should Cheat in 2009. Her book offers pointers and suggestions on the most efficient ways for men to cheat with the sole purpose to not get caught.

With a very controversial book title and lots of criticism from women, Fernandez talks with me for nearly two hours about her motivation behind writing this book, hateful reviews and the number one mistake men make when cheating.

Intern Queen Talks Everything Internships

After doing 15 internships during college, with companies like MTV, FOX and NBC, Lauren Berger branded herself and created a business. A graduate from the University of Central Florida, Berger is now CEO and founder of Intern Queen, Inc and now a published author. Her first book, “All Work, No Pay” is an intern’s guide to everything internships, from finding an internship to building your resume, to making connections and gaining job experience. Berger talks about why she started interning, life in LA and her slight obsession with the Kardashians!