Meteorologist Rhonda Lee, Known For Being Fired Over Facebook Post Gets Hired With WeatherNation

Almost two years ago Meteorologist Rhonda Lee was fired from KTBS-TV, an ABC affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana for responding to viewer comments on Facebook about her natural crop hair style and the stations “The Three Minute Smile” contest. Since her termination, Lee has received national news from outlets like CNN, NewsOne, Essence and HuffingtonPost. As of July 2014, Lee has accepted her dream job with national weather station of Denver, Colorado, WeatherNation. About a month and a half shy of working at her new job, Lee discusses with me how she obtained her dream job, the resurfacing of becoming a news hot topic and updates she’s received from her EEOC lawsuit against KTBS.

Former Meteorologist of KTBS-TV, Rhonda Lee, Says There Was No Policy That Didn’t Allow Her To Respond To Viewer Comments On Social Media

It’s been five months since Rhonda Lee, former Meteorologist of KTBS-TV in Shreveport, Louisiana was fired for responding to viewer comments on Facebook. Since then she’s been featured nationally on,, CNN with Soledad O’ Brien and many more. Rhonda talks with me about issues within the Black community, what she is doing now and why she would go back to work at KTBS.