By: Ashley Moncrieffe

Checkout my interview with cast mate MiMi of Bad Girls Club 8-Las Vegas!

MiMi of BGC 8-Las Vegas, one of Oxygen’s most popular shows, talks with BackSlash about her reactions to BGC, her first time being drunk and what we can expect from her for the rest of the season. Coming from the diverse 3-0-5, MiMi makes it no surprise that she is from Miami. Prior to starting BGC8, MiMi was in the corporate world and decided to take a leap of faith and go on the new season of BGC8-Las Vegas.



Posted by AshFiMon

Ashley “AshFiMon™“ Moncrieffe graduated from the University of South Florida with her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a certificate in Leadership Studies. She enjoys dipping her hand in event marketing & production, social media branding and interviewing a variety of people for her blog-folio. With an eclectic & sassy personality, coupled with a vivacious & infectious laugh, mixed with a spicy Jamaican background—she is sure to leave an unforgettable impression on those she meets!

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